At Bubble, we love to see our users – self-made startups and founders who have built their own apps and business tools without spending a fortune on engineers – succeed and go big. What's more, we love how our no-code community comes together to support each other when that happens!

We're excited to see that Bubble-built Qoins, the personal finance app that lets you pay down debt on your phone, is launching a crowd-investing campaign in partnership with Republic. Founded by Christian Zimmerman and Nate Washington, Qoins began as a tool built with Bubble's no-code platform to help the founders pay off their own student loans and took off as a fintech app that helps others eliminate all types of debt. To date, Qoins has helped their customers pay off over $20 million in consumer debt and counting. And now, anyone and everyone can become investors in Qoins – a privilege usually only reserved for what are known as "accredited investors."

Here's a message from the Qoins team:

"It’s no secret that investing in startups has been one of the most powerful vehicles for building incredible amounts of wealth over the past few decades. And we’re proud to extend that opportunity to you with our partnership with Republic. Republic is a crowd investing platform that allows you to invest in high-growth startups like Qoins for as little as $100.

Qoins mobile.

We like to think of our partnership with Republic as a linear line, where Qoins helps you pay off debt and Republic helps you build wealth by investing in the one asset class that was previously exclusive to the ultra-wealthy.

Qoins is known for doing things differently, and what better way to raise $1M than to go to the people that understand our technology and app the best. But investing in Qoins isn’t just exclusive to our loyal customer base. It’s for the people that previously didn’t have the opportunities to invest in proven early-stage startups, or for those in the debt-free community as they transition out of their paying off debt chapter with Qoins and into the wealth-building phase with savvy investing. We’ve raised over $1.5M in venture funding from investors like Front Row Fund, Village Capital, and Google for Startups. But with this campaign, we will be furthering our pursuit of democratizing financial freedom for underrepresented communities by allowing you, yes you, to invest in a fintech company like Qoins in its earliest stages. How would you like to be invested alongside some of the most prominent investors?

We have goals, ambitious goals, and this round of funding will be used as fuel to reach them. Today, we’ve paid off over $20M of debt, but in 2 short years we’re projecting over $100M paid off with Qoins.

How do we get there?

- Grow our product and marketing team
- Successfully launch our 1st debit card (Join the waitlist today)
- Continually invest in improving our product, and make our app 10x better than any other solution out there

“We're beyond excited to extend this opportunity to our customers and the greater no-code community to have an opportunity to invest in our company,” Nate Washington, co-founder and CTO of Qoins says, “We trailblazed the fintech sector by building a wildly successful business off of a no-code platform, Bubble, and we’re taking the same innovation into our next raise with Republic!”

“There’s no greater opportunity to generate wealth than to invest in startups like Qoins,” says Qoins CEO Christian Zimmerman. “We’ve become known as the debt-free app, but once you become debt-free, your attention shifts towards building wealth. And that’s why this partnership with Republic couldn’t be anymore more perfect. Pay off your debt with Qoins, build wealth by investing in startups like ours with Republic.”

For as little as $100 you can be invested alongside some of the best investors in the fintech space. You’ll also own a piece of a high-growth fintech app, that has proven success with over $20M of debt paid off, named on the Forbes 30 under 30 lists, and a team with proven results and decades of experience in startups. Qoins investors will receive perks such as first access to our debit card, and as a bonus, Qoins is committing $10,000 raised from its successful campaign of $1M to be committed to paying down their customer’s debt. Investment amounts start at as little as $100.

Learn more information about Qoins and how to invest.

With Love, Qoins Team"

The Bubble team can't wait to see what's in store for Qoins in the future, and wants to hear from YOU and your startup when you succeed building with no-code on our platform! Reach out to us if you hit a significant traction or funding milestone!

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