If you are a young college graduate looking to develop cutting edge skills that give you the advantage in the new digitally enabled world, or if you are an entrepreneur looking to build a tech product affordably and quickly, Seekho wants to help you with their new No-Code Bootcamp for Bubble.

Seekho, by Seekify, is a video-first microlearning platform based in New Delhi, India that offers online content to Indian students and global audiences. Seekho’s upcoming bootcamp on no-code is a custom curriculum bootcamp, conducted and delivered by Jyotika Tehlan from Trynocode, which offers specialized Bubble no-code platform training.

Join the Seekho bootcamp and start turning your idea into reality today.

Seekho describes itself as one-stop destination for college students and young professionals to explore the best-fit career options and develop the right skill sets required to launch successful careers. At Seekho, users can get their career related questions answered by industry experts, get mentorship, land exclusive internships, participate in hands-on workshops and more.

Seekho also offers on-demand courses & curated resources spread across multiple areas like Product Management, No Code Development, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Consulting, and more for enthusiastic learners who wish to push beyond and rise above the status quo.

No Code Bootcamp information.

How will no-code help me get ahead?

Especially when time is money, any tool that aids your growth will be revolutionary. No-code tools are low-cost & less time consuming way for anyone to get started with their idea and bring it to reality, without needing to rely on freelancers or engineers. Most of these no-code tools essentially lets you drag & drop blocks to construct your app and user journeys.

This independence enables an entrepreneur or a startup enthusiast to get started and test their product themselves. No-code will change app development, paving the way through ease of adoption.