Do you want to change the way a button looks in your Bubble app but you’re not sure where else you’re using that same element style? Enter: the app search tool. This is a quick and easy way to find all the elements using a particular style, no matter if your app is one page or 20. The app search tool isn’t new, but thanks to some big UX improvements in the styles tab, it’s now easier to use existing, helpful features like this one. 

To find all elements using the same style in your Bubble app:

  1. Select the element to open the property editor and click Edit style under the Style Attribute dropdown or open the styles tab
  2. Click Find elements in use on the rightmost side of your screen.
  3. This will launch the app search tool. You can see how many elements use this style, what pages they’re on, and see what they look like. Clicking on an element will take you to that page in your app. 

Bonus: You can use the app search tool to find more than just element styles. It works to help you quickly find almost anything in your app. Access it at any time by clicking the magnifying glass in the toolbar.