The rise of no-code is democratizing access to software development. Less than 1% of the world’s working population are software developers, and no-code is on a mission to disperse the power of software into the hands of the other 99%.

Bubble and Notion are two tools widely used and beloved by no-code founders. If you’re a startup founder or entrepreneur working on a digital product, Notion helps you draft, collect, and organize all your notes, docs, wikis, and project ideas in one place. Once you’re ready to bring those ideas to life, Bubble lets you visually build a fully-fledged live MVP or web app for your product that you can launch on Bubble’s all-in-one platform.

Now, Bubble entrepreneurs can join Notion’s startup program and get started with $1,000 credits off Notion’s team-based plans. Also, Notion startups can access exclusive Bubble credits on Notion’s Deal Book.

The spirit of both Bubble and Notion are highly aligned. Notion’s mission is to “make toolmaking ubiquitous,” while Bubble’s mission is to “erase the distinction between software use and software creation.” Together, we embody the essence of the no-code movement, empowering everyone to build software.

Take Michael Novotny & Marc Fletcher as examples:

“We’ve used Notion for asynchronous communication in [our] development process over the past few months to suit the UK & USA time difference between us,” said Marc. “Expenses, alpha test-results, planning delegation and even our fledgling Knowledge base are all handled with Notion.”

The pair built a To-Do App for Notion using Bubble to conveniently capture fleeting thoughts for Notion. After connecting your Notion through the app’s integration, you simply pick a Notion database, type your thoughts in the app, and click ‘Add’. Your thought is saved for triaging later in Notion.


“Navigating Notion can take effort, especially when using deeply nested pages. Notion has a ‘favorite’ feature, which is convenient, but we lower the friction further and hope to provide users with real time-savings over long term use,” said Marc.

Ready to start taking advantage of the benefits of Bubble and Notion for yourself? Request a private key here and then visit Notion’s startup program and fill out the quick form. Indicate “Bubble” as the partner and then input your private partner key. That’s it!

Happy building!