In celebrating our 11 founders changing the world from home, the Immerse Team is thrilled to announce our inaugural cohort of Product Mentors.

After a rigorous selection process, we matched each of our Founders in Residence with a no code expert in their product’s industry. For the first time, founders have the opportunity to glean 1-on-1 insight from Bubble professionals in addition to their Immerse instructor.

Based in the UK, Australia, and the US, every product mentor is a notable member of the Bubble community committed to serving underrepresented founders as part of a grander mission to spur no-code entrepreneurship worldwide. Many of our mentors have once been non-technical founders themselves.

Learn more about how these exceptional no-code developers are supporting Cohort 5 and making no code technology the mainstream solution for small businesses and enterprises all around the world. And make sure to RSVP to attend Demo Day to see what the founders and their mentors have been working on in Immerse.

Meet the Product Mentors of Cohort 5

Jof Walters

Co-Founder at MillionLabs
London, United Kingdom

Jof Walters is a fintech innovator who started his career as the product manager of the first internet banking product. During his career he has acquired and sold almost fifty companies. He now owns Million Labs which helps founders to launch start-ups with micro-investments, no-code development and education support.

"Having Jof as my mentor has been priceless. He has fast tracked my learning and provides valuable insight into the dynamics of building a successful startup." - Shaun Andrews, founder of Mind Hac Inc.

Vini Pereira

No-code Developer at Million Labs
Sydney, Australia

Vini Pereira helps non-technical founders build their businesses with Bubble as a low-code developer at Million Labs. He worked in a cross section of roles from business to sales intelligence before finally making the transition. An interest in technology sparked his transition to low-code, where he has been helping non-technical founders build MVPs and tackle complex scenarios with precision and efficiency. Originally from Brazil, Vini recently moved to Sydney, Australia, where he plans to stay active in the no-code world.

Obi Chukwuma, founder of Mmara: "Before meeting with my product mentor I was genuinely concerned about my ability, as a non-coder, to implement some advanced technical functionality that is needed for my app. But after meeting with him, not only did he reassure me that what I was doing was possible, he really taught me the basics of understanding API’s and other more complex features, and now I feel a new sense of excitement as I explore what the platform can really do!"

John Webster

Founder at CoRoster
Southbank, Victoria, Australia

With over 25 years of experience building tech solutions, John Webster is the founder of CoRoster, a highly customizable workforce management solution. In the no-code space, he has worked with 3 startups that have developed solutions with Bubble. He’s fascinated about motivational theory and finding the right way to reward people and enjoys discussing anything to do with building and motivating teams. The interface between people and technology is his happy place. Focusing on startups for the last 7 years, John is a BlueChilli and Melbourne Health Accelerator Alumni. He holds a Masters of Management in Information Technology.

"John has provided outstanding support despite being 15 hours ahead in Australia. He is intrinsically motivated to help us reach our goals and I'm looking forward to leaning on his expertise well after the Immerse program!” - John Muruako, founder of Fitalyst

Christopher Potter

Co-Founder at
Oakland, California, USA

Christopher Potter is a serial entrepreneur and filmmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area with a broad skill set in varied roles between film and web development. In web, he has led his personal projects as well as large teams producing sites with hundreds of thousands of active users. His current suite of projects, and, are built on Bubble and meld his entertainment and web passions.

Currently Christopher is helping to build the next generation of SEO tools at Profound Strategy. Prior to this role, he worked as a filmmaker and professor in Motion Graphics and Filmmaking for approximately 15 years. In film, he has focused primarily on small indie narrative films and music videos, frequently specialzing in stereoscopic (3-D) productions as a stereographer. His personal films (including 3-D) have been shown at film festivals around the world. He grew up in a little farm town near Peoria, Illinois and currently lives and works in beautiful Oakland, CA. He holds a BA in English and MFA in Film.

“Once you are familiar enough, Bubble allows you to iterate features in almost real-time for your users. You can blow minds and create user evangelists by responding to needs and hiccups so fast. It makes it easier to build rapport and a community for your product or service. Chris insights on Bubble Development and Creative Entrepreneurship helps me understand how your product can serve the community in real time.”
Dante Richardson, founder of Stooty Technologies

Johan Teran

Founder at Pixibiz Digital Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Johan Teran is the Founder of Pixibiz Digital Inc., an agency specializing in custom software design, leveraging Bubble to create digital solutions for small businesses. Teran’s background spans insurance, customer service, finance, and digital media, with noteworthy experience at fintech unicorn, Clearco. His passion for technology led him to pursue opportunities in digital media, where he scaled a website to 1 million views worldwide during his small business and entrepreneurial studies.

"My mentor Johan has been a priceless addition to what has been a ruthlessly helpful pre-accelerator program. The hosts of Immerse have matched me with Johan due to his previous expertise and overlap with industries which I'm building my no-code platform for. He has been - without a doubt - critical for my ongoing success in Immerse. Onwards and upwards!" - Peter Pearson, founder of Rewards App

David Pearce

Founder and CEO at Decodifi Limited
Headingley, Leeds, United Kingdom

Dr. David Pearce is a Physician, Digital Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Mentor. He has founded, scaled and exited tech businesses in the Healthcare and Medical spaces over 20 years. Dr. Pearce currently has over 20 early stage tech angel investments and sits on the boards of 5 of those companies. Many of these are now reaching Seed A rounds with valuations of £5M up to £70M. He is also the founder and CEO of Decodifi Limited, a UK no-code development agency, exclusively devoted to helping founders through a holistic startup journey, from Idea to Investment, with the creation of no-code MVP Pilots using Bubble as the core tech stack. Three of Decodifi’s recent projects have attracted Seed investment within 12 weeks of pilot completion raising at valuations from £500k-£2M.

"At first, when I heard we were getting a mentor, I was excited. Then I thought, what do I do with a mentor and got a little nervous. Our first call was good, my mentor is experienced, kind and very willing to help, which is surprising given how busy he is! Now we communicate about issues I’m having in Bubble and the business I’m trying to build, it’s getting better and better." - Terrence Hibbert, founder of PCIT Trac

Nick Yaggie

Strategy & Operations Manager at Food People
New York City, New York

Nick Yaggie is a strategist in the food and beverage industry who uses Bubble to help a $25M/yr restaurant group stay successful. Nick's specialty is applying new technologies to traditional business environments. He is based in NYC and offers support to startups and entrepreneurs as a Bubble consultant.

"The consistent, focused help from someone who not only knows Bubble, but also the restaurant market has made creating my product so much more efficient. Learning best practices on building for responsive design has made designing a page intuitive and his guidance has shortened the learning curve for mastering workflows. I’m feeling more and more confident with each session." - Adjoa Opuku, founder of Soiré

Sam Morgan

Bubble Developer at Bubble
Ormond Beach, Florida

Sam is part of the product team at Bubble. As a Bubble developer, he focuses on shaping the user journey on Bubble. Sam also spent time as part of the customer success team at Bubble helping dedicated users grow and scale their apps. Prior to joining Bubble, he worked as a coach for Coaching No Code Apps, helping entrepreneurs build scalable apps that helped their businesses grow. Before discovering Bubble, Sam was a music educator, operating music schools that employed a hi-tech approach to music education for K-12 kids. In his spare time, he loves to play action figures and hot wheels with his 4-year-old son.

"My product mentor has been fully invested in helping me bring Plantain to life. His knowledge of Bubble and willingness to volunteer his time has been an invaluable resource." - Antonia Hyman, founder of Plantain

Edward Li

Senior Product Manager at Amazon
London, United Kingdom

Edward Li has built 50+ Bubble templates and plugins with 100K+ installs. He is the sole Bubble developer for many VC-funded startups and listed companies. Li was previously Senior Product Manager at Amazon, ultimately pivoting his career to no-code technology.

“Even with the difficulty in time Edward was able to meet me and help me scale down on a large project in a short amount of time.” - Raul Cepin

Michael Thaney

Founder at DevUps
Rochester, New York

Michael Thaney is a founder, angel investor, venture partner and startup community builder. Michael is the founder of DevUps, a video course platform for upskilling developers. Michael also helps build the local startup community as a Startup Grind Director. Michael enjoys advising and investing in startups as angel and as a venture partner for StartFast Ventures. Michael is passionate about providing access to alternate forms of venture capital as a venture partner for organizations like the Calm Company Fund and Wefunder.

Michael mentors Tracey Hobbs, founder of Shifterr in Immerse Cohort 5.

“My product mentor has been helpful in getting me to talk through how I was structuring my pages and sending info from one page to the next. That helped to fix my issue with certain repeating groups not showing up.” - Tracey Hobbs, founder of Shifterr

Harish Malhi

Founder of Goodspeed
London, United Kingdom

Harish Malhi is the Founder of Goodspeed, a founder first no code studio. Malhi previously built Diaspo, a home cooking marketplace and SaaS tool, and belonged to the Partnerships Team at Google.

"My product mentor has been great in sharing their expertise to help me work through some of our toughest challenges when building our app. It has been invaluable having someone who feels like an added team member who invested in our success." - Ariana Abramson, founder of DivySci