We’re excited to announce that Bubble’s new Responsive editor is now officially LIVE for wide release! This means that all new apps created will be using the new Responsive rules, editor controls, and features, starting today.

With this launch, Bubble’s robust online editor is polished with CSS flexbox design principles. The new Responsive editor lets you create almost any web app you can imagine—now with the added framework of modern web design. This feature is now the default on every plan, free and paid, so ALL Bubble users can create powerful apps with the new tools in the editor.

Features of the new Responsive editor include:

  • margins
  • padding
  • gap controls
  • easy alignment to row, column, and parent containers
  • and more!

Share your reactions with us on socials and join us for the inaugural livestream event where we'll be showing you the exciting new features, demoing live, and chatting with the team that built it all.

After seven months in open beta, with over 27,000 apps already upgraded to new Responsive, we are thrilled to hear the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community about the feature.

Here are some of our favorite reactions:

"Man I love the new @bubble responsive engine. That's the tweet."
“Friends don’t let friends use the old @bubble responsive engine”
"The new responsive engine (flexbox) really elevates @bubble to the next level. The amount of time it would have taken to build @No_Coded last year would have been at least 3x what it took with flexbox."

If you are new to building no-code apps, getting started is as easy as signing up and creating a new app!

Remember, if you have existing apps on Bubble, your apps have not changed. Because the new Responsive experience represents a fundamental overhaul to how you’ll be building responsive web apps, you’ll be able to choose when you want to upgrade your app to the new Responsive engine and rebuild your pages.


To learn how to upgrade your individual pages to new Responsive:


About Bubble

Bubble is one of the most powerful no-code platforms, offering people the ability to build custom, dynamic, complex web applications, rather than basic, static templated websites offered by Squarespace or Wix. With Bubble, you can build apps like the next Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, or Twitter, without writing a single line of code or hiring any engineers.

Bubble has over 2 million users building apps, tech startups, and tech-enabled businesses. Since 2012, Bubble has offered powerful controls to designing web apps that lets non-technical founders and startups build apps faster and more affordably.