David Spiro, Head of Success at Bubble, wants you to know what it's like to help users solve their problems and support our mission of making tech more accessible to everyone. If you're interested in joining our Success team, check out our available positions and apply!

David Spiro
David Spiro, Bubble's Head of Success

What do you like the most about your team?

What I like most about the team is that everyone is here because of the intersection of 3 things:

1. Their values are deeply aligned with Bubble's values, namely our mission to make programming more accessible.

2. They genuinely want to work in a user-facing role at Bubble.

3. They have this sort of hidden agenda to become excellent at building things for the web (during the workday, we're building sample apps for users; after-hours we're using Bubble to build our own personal projects).

What this means is that everyone is always doing their best to help our users succeed when using Bubble.

What is a typical day in the life of a Success Associate?

The typical day is split between three types of work: frontlines, backlines, and projects.

Frontlines refers to the type of support we provide to our users when they're experimenting, onboarding, and learning. The conversations we have here are of the more traditional support variety, in that we're pointing users to resources, helping them understand key features, and managing their account/billing.

Backlines refers to the type of support we provide to our users who are submitting bug reports to us. Because Bubble is a visual programming language and we host all the apps built on Bubble, the bugs can be in our code or in the users' code.

When bugs are submitted, we work with the user to gather as much context as quickly as possible and try to reproduce the bugs in our testing environment. If it is a bug, then we submit it to our engineers and advocate on their behalf. The engineering team then works on the bug, notifying the user of their progress until final deployment. If it is not a bug, then we work with the user to fix their logic and help move them forward.

Success Associates rotate through frontlines and backlines every two weeks. The combination of the two makes the role rather unique. On one hand, you're user facing. On the other hand, you're building things and working like an engineer.

The third bucket is project work. Projects vary in size and time horizon. They can be managed individually or worked on with teammates, depending on the project's requirements. Some recently completed projects include: migrating from Helpscout to Front and building a new Support Center on our website. Sometimes projects get turned into what are effectively full-time roles. For example, the success team now QA's every feature released by the engineering team.

What are the top three things you look for in your next associate?

I look for people who are self-starters, comfortable in the face of ambiguity, and entrepreneurially minded.

Bubble success staff.
Some of the faces behind your Bubble support emails: David, Eve, and Malcolm.

What do you like the most about our user community?

The passion, pride, and camaraderie. Plain and simple.

People are incredibly passionate about what they're working on. And they're very prideful about the fact that they're building the thing on Bubble. The combination of the two brings people together in a way that we feel very fortunate to be a part of.

What was your first memory as a Success Manager at Bubble?

I'll always remember the first bug report that I worked on: who it was for and what it was about.

It was reported by a user who was building software to manage the operations of his chain of retirement facilities. A key feature of the app relied on popups within popups, and Bubble wasn't handling that well. Sometimes the popup within the popup would display properly, other times it would not. And, even if it did, what would happen when closing the popup within the popup was seemingly random: Bubble would either display the original popup or close them out altogether.

We ended up pushing a fix for this user and popup handling more generally. The reason why I remember this so well is that it's just such a pure representation of what you experience while working on our frontlines: in everything you do, you're moving the needle for real people who are solving real world problems.

Because of that, I think everyone on the team remembers their first bug too.

What is your favorite memory at Bubble so far?

My favorite memory so far has to be our team retreat last October. We all went to a cabin in the woods for a weekend, and got to know each other over food, drinks, games, activities, and campfires.

What do you look forward to accomplishing in the next six months?

Building a CRM on Bubble for us to use with our users. We think this will take our ability to deliver success to the next level.

Describe your team in 3 words:

Intense, friendly, and diverse.

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