For app creators who are working on project management systems or work-from-home productivity tools, having easy online communication is even more critical today than ever before. With Bubble’s newest Slack plugin, we’ve developed some sophisticated ways for you to take advantage of the Slack API in your web app, all without needing to code. From creating your own Slack bot for your app to building an internal team chat tool that syncs with your Slack workplace, there are many possibilities for you to explore.

Some key features in the Bubble Slack plugin include the ability to:

  • Log in with Slack to your web app
  • Create a custom bot for your app, which can post to channels dynamically using Bubble workflows
  • Set Slack reminders for users from your app
  • Add team members to Slack channels
  • Send messages as a user within your app, either to a Slack channel or directly to another Slack team member

And more! Read the full documentation for the Bubble Slack plugin.

Bubble installed plugins dashboard.

Why would you want to integrate Slack into your Bubble-built app?

Bubble’s Slack integration is useful for a wide range of apps beyond project management and productivity tools. Examples of potential ways you can take advantage of Slack in your web app include:

  • Your Bubble app can generate Slack reminders for a user, reminding them to follow up on some action in your app.
  • Create a company marketplace! Your Bubble app allows employees of a company to buy or sell things, and your app’s Slack bot can post updates to the company workspace to entice employees to revisit your app.
  • If you have a support team for your Bubble app business, you can send Slack notifications to them when certain events happen on your app, alerting them to situations that need their attention.
  • If you have a project management Bubble app, send a message to Slack notifying an audience that a project was updated.
  • Your startup could be a combined Bubble app + Slack experience! For example, create a Slack bot that a company can install in their workspace to generate random weekly groupings for a board game night.

We’re excited to see what our community will do with this new integration.

Add Slack to your Bubble app.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and try out Slack for Bubble apps today!

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