We’re excited to announce a new, easy way to connect web products together, with the help of our friends at Zapier! At Bubble, we’ve always been committed to making it possible for you to integrate with a wide variety of tools without needing to resort to custom code, via our API Connector and more than 1,000 plugins. With our newest official Zapier plugin, it’s now even easier to connect your Bubble apps to services such as Google Docs, Shopify, Facebook Pages, Trello, and more. (No coding necessary!)

Zapier’s tool lets you link various web products together using connections called “Zaps.” Zapier’s library has connections to over 3,000+ web services, including Bubble. With this new plugin, your Bubble app can create both “ triggers” or “actions” for a Zap. This allows you to do everything from triggering workflows to adding, deleting, and modifying things in your Bubble app database using other services in Zapier’s extensive library.

Bubble workflow to trigger a Zap.
A sample Bubble workflow showing Zapier triggering Airtable.

For more details on how it works, check out our Manual documentation.

"Knowing how to code shouldn’t be a prerequisite for starting a business, which is why the no-code movement is so exciting,” says Zapier CEO Wade Foster. “Tools like Bubble can open the gates to entrepreneurship and enable more makers. We can't wait to see what users create with Bubble and Zapier."

Bubble had a previous Zapier plugin published many years ago that was simpler in its capabilities. This new plugin represents a much deeper integration, as we worked with the Zapier team, making for a better user experience. We know Zapier’s friendly no-code interface is a popular choice among our users and complements our limitless API Connector.

Integration examples.

Here are some examples of integrations and workflow automation with Bubble’s new Zapier plugin:

  • When an end-user clicks a button in your Bubble app, update a particular Google Doc or Sheet
  • When an Airtable record is updated, ‘push’ those changes to your Bubble app
  • When a tweet mentions you, create a record of it in your Bubble app and start a series of workflows
  • When a Trello board (or other project management tool) is updated, kick off the next step in a PM process in your Bubble app
  • When a user makes a transaction on your Bubble app, push information about it to Quickbooks

...and much more! At Bubble, we’re proud to team up with another powerhouse of no-code that shares our mission to empower non-technical software users with simple automated workflows. We’re working to expand the tech tool ecosystem and continue helping you build the perfect product.

Get the Zapier Bubble plugin for your app -- or sign up for Bubble to start your no-code journey today!