Bubble wants to enable potential builders to create their ideas without code, so we are exploring and reviewing the many tools and software that larger enterprises might use to build apps.

What is Unqork?

Unqork is a no-code application platform that helps large enterprises build complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than conventional approaches, such as programming from scratch.

With Unqork, your company can reduce the cost of initial builds, headcount, and ongoing legacy code maintenance. They provide heavy feature sets around enterprise control for IT administrators and for data manipulation, including cleaning legacy file types.

Unqork frees you from the limits of legacy code and allows your company to shift focus to the business logic and functionality of the application. This allows the business side to work with the engineering team to build applications, as well as iterate and modify logic in real-time using a completely visual no-code tool.

Unqork workflow page.
Unqork's visual editor makes it possible to create workflows that utilize complex logic without writing one line of code.

While most cloud providers are multi-tenant, Unqork operates in a single-tenant environment, which gives users the freedom and scalability benefits of the cloud without the downsides of commingling data and loss of security. Business rules and logics are stored within your specific instance, which offers another layer of protection. You can run Unqork apps on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and other providers

Their robust, pre-made templates offer designs that meet the needs of your company’s industry. You can customize your app by using the drag-and-drop interface, as well as the visual workflow tools that function like a flowchart (but with limited actions). Workflow capabilities include sending messages, assigning specific roles, and automating tasks.

As an enterprise no-code platform, Unqork offers features such as a “turnkey system” for processing paper, audit trails, role-based access control, and compliance/regulatory tools such as SOC 2 and Privacy Shield.

Unqork empowers users to build without constraints while storing all of their data in a “schema free, document-based database.” Important data features include encrypted data, immutable versions of data, the ability to define data models as you build, and the capability of seamlessly moving data into tools like Tableau.

Who is Unqork for?

Unqork can benefit large enterprises in the insurance, financial, real estate, education, and healthcare sectors. Customers include John Hancock, Goldman Sachs, Careerwise, Prudential, Liberty Mutual, HSBC, and Pacific Life.

The no-code platform is not open to non-enterprise users.

Unqork Cost and Pricing

(Pricing model: June 2020)
Unqork pricing is not public, so you have to request a demo from the company.

Other enterprise no-code tools like Betty Blocks and Salesforce Lightning price their apps based on the use case, scale of the project, and number of users or app creators.

Unqork vs. Bubble: A Comparison

How does Unqork compare to other no-code app development platforms, like Bubble?

Similarities between Unqork and Bubble:

Both Unqork and Bubble have drag-and-drop programming features.
Both Unqork and Bubble offer seamless API integration.
Both allow users to build and integrate front-end and back-end components.
Both provide a visual workflow editor.
Both offer version control so you can see your app's live and development versions, as well as reversion features that enable you to return your app to a previous version.

The key differences between Unqork and Bubble are:

Platforms: Unqork users can run apps on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and other providers. Bubble apps do not automatically export to code and run solely on the Bubble platform.

Pre-Made Templates: With Unqork, you can create your app using their pre-built templates and individual components, which are specially designed for the industries that use the no-code platform’s services, including financial services and insurance. With Bubble, templates are available for free and for purchase by third-party creators, such as Rapid Dev.

Unqork Enterprise No Code Tool Bubble Review - templates.
Unqork offers a number of pre-built templates that are geared towards enterprise usecases.

Web Editor Design: Unqork’s robust pre-made templates and components ensure design consistency, but there is limited freedom with where you can place elements, especially with the front-end design. Bubble allows for full freedom and pixel-perfect placement of an element in the front-end, but Bubble users are responsible for making sure that their app’s style is consistent.

Alternatives to Unqork

Alternative no-code CMS platforms or tools that allow you to build a web application without code include the following tools:

If you’re looking for a platform that has support for native or mobile apps, consider using no-code tools like Thunkable, Adalo, or Glide.

If your project just needs a website landing page with a mobile-responsive design, then a templated website host with responsive-mobile designs like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly should meet your needs.

If you want greater depth to your workflows and require full back-end database functionality for managing users or data, no-code platforms like Bubble are the best alternative.

If you are launching a blog and want an open-source CMS platform with robust plugins, try WordPress.

About Bubble

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Disclaimer: The goal of these reviews is to provide an honest, practical, differentiated comparison of features and educate readers on tools in the no-code ecosystem so that you can evaluate how these services fit together and serve your needs.