Building blockchain applications (DApps), writing smart-contracts, minting fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) usually requires a huge amount of coding knowledge, which can sometimes be platform specific. No-code tools like Bubble now can help break down that barrier. The Nexus blockchain team has developed a Bubble plugin that lets you build DApps and create smart contracts with no coding knowledge.

Nexus' plugin contains several API calls that interact directly with Nexus' blockchain. It is a powerful tool for anyone eager to build tokenized peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces, visual art galleries, music and video streaming platforms, social networks, and many other services, creations, and ideas for the Web3 era — building DApps has never been so easy.

NFT Projects possible with Bubble Nexus no code plugin
NFT projects made possible by Bubble + Nexus blockchain plugin.

With Nexus, everything from changes in the data to ownership of an item is captured and recorded on the blockchain permanently. This opens the gate to many use cases where a history of transactional data is required — supply chains, postal tracking, land/real estate deeds, certificates of authenticity (CoA), art watermarking, wills to name a few.

Read a more detailed guide on how to start using the Nexus’ blockchain plugin.

How to create a user-account linked to the blockchain

It is necessary to understand the Nexus specific blockchain functionalities and differences between tokens and assets, on how transactions are being executed and what it really means to create an account on the blockchain. Nexus has developed its own architecture to simplify development and increase usability. Signature Chains are comparable to 'personal blockchain accounts' in the mathematical hyperspace. Registering an account with a username, password and a PIN creates a new Signature Chain.

A user can later log in into his/her Signature Chain by using their credentials and submit transactions to other users' Signature Chains while only knowing their usernames and not having the need to use public or private keys unlike other blockchain platforms. Every user can create tokens or assets (NFTs) on their personal Signature Chain.

Nexus recommends that you start exploring all the functions by using the available test-networks or to create your own private network.

Examples of No-Code DApps

Here are some of the projects using the power of no-code DApp creation:

Free and Equal DApp is an Election Assistant that promotes transparency and empower voters with information about all their candidate choices.

Witness’d is a user generated content sharing and content curation platform that makes every content unique by tokenizing them.

Socyty is a tokenized and gamified social network that connects people with other like-minded people, to share thoughts, ideas and to discover new brands, places, events, and experiences in close proximity.

• Digitality Rocks is an NFT Marketplace by Ajion, that lets users buy, sell, create, and share their creations in the form of non-fungible tokens.

Nexus NFT Assets

Nexus' Bubble Plugin provides the following functionality:

  • Create and manage user account (Signature Chain)
  • Create and retrieve NXS wallet account
  • Send NXS (debit)
  • List account transactions
  • Create and retrieve fungible tokens
  • Create token accounts
  • Send fungible tokens (debit)
  • List token and account transactions
  • Create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — called “Asset” on Nexus
  • Store assets' arbitrary data on-chain
  • Transfer of assets to other users
  • Tokenization of assets
  • Retrieve blockchain data — blocks and transactions
  • Retrieve blockchain data (blocks, transactions)
Bubble plugin workflows.

The team is always looking to add more functionalities to the plugin, and you can join the Nexus forum for queries and discussions.

Ready to explore the world of NFTs and DApps? Get the Nexus plugin and start harnessing the power of Nexus and Bubble!

About Bubble

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