Today, Bubble is excited to announce a new integration by our friends at Servicebot, a product that provides a beautiful, customizable UI/UX for SaaS subscriptions and billing.

Servicebot aims to make it even easier to start your own SaaS-powered product by greatly simplifying all the setup and configuration you’d normally have to do with a billing product. Servicebot is built on top of Stripe, which handles the billing and remains the source of truth for your subscriptions. But Servicebot solves the pain points of having to create the UX for users to interact with their subscriptions.

Servicebot has features like a customizable pricing page and a subscription portal. With their new Bubble plugin, Bubble app creators can embed these Servicebot pages directly into their Bubble app. Moreover, with new workflow events and element states, the Bubble app can respond to different user actions such as subscribing to a new plan or changing plans.

(Full documentation for this new plugin can be found here.)

We were excited that Servicebot was interested in integrating with Bubble because we share the similar goal of making it even easier for makers to create. This integration should help any Bubble creator who’s looking to create a SaaS app, so if you have such an idea in mind, try out this integration today!