WorkOS is a company that helps developers build more scalable, enterprise-ready apps by making it easier to add security features — like the big one, single sign-on (SSO). They also help streamline integration with Systems for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and others. Plus, they make it possible to manage integrations with lots of different identity and directory providers all in one place.

Good news: WorkOS has launched a set of official Bubble plugins that you can download right now. Here’s how you can use them to implement SSO and other WorkOS functionality in your Bubble apps.

How the WorkOS <> Bubble plugins work

The WorkOS SSO and WorkOS API plugins integrate Bubble apps directly with WorkOS features.

The WorkOS SSO plugin specifically lets you incorporate WorkOS Single Sign-On (SSO) into your Bubble workflows, streamlining the authentication process for your users.

The WorkOS API plugin adds even more capabilities. For example, you can launch a session on the Admin Portal — which is where you set up your own connections — directly inside your Bubble app. You can also retrieve lists of existing users from connected directories, receive and validate webhooks for changes made in directories, and manage your organizations.

Why should you use WorkOS?

The bigger an app scales (or the bigger the client you’re building for), the more important robust security, smooth authentication, and wide-reaching integrations become. SSO, in particular, is not only a feature everyday users are beginning to expect, but often also a baseline requirement for enterprise-level companies. The WorkOS plugins make it simple to add and manage these features — so you can focus on your core product instead.

Especially if you’re a professional Bubble Developer, the WorkOS plugins can open up new growth opportunities by helping you meet the rigorous security requirements of large organizations. But it can also enhance the overall functionality of any application built by and for anyone.

Get started with WorkOS for BubbleWith WorkOS, powerful integrations can help you enhance security for your users and improve productivity for developers and IT administrators. Install the WorkOS SSO and WorkOS API plugins to your app today, and check out their online documentation for full details and instructions.